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Meet with Invest Pacific - Valle del Cauca, Colombia at Access Forum 2017.

We are excited to announce Invest Pacific's attendance at Access Forum. Invest Pacific is an Investment Promotion Agency for the Colombian Pacific. IP is a non-profit public-private sector organization set up in conjunction with the Department of Valle del Cauca, the Cali Mayor’s Office, local chambers of commerce, free trade zones, and over 80 private companies to attract and expedite national and foreign investment around the region.

Invest Pacific steers interested investors towards an optimal course of action by drawing up agendas, facilitating information and setting up liaisons with potential partners, allies or local suppliers, support agencies, and the broader public sector.

Invest Pacific’s services also includes working alongside existing regional investors to turn any investment and re-investment roadblocks into prospects.

Invest Pacific coordinates the monthly Valle del Cauca Foreign Investment Committee and extends invitations to the presidents of the over 80 multinational companies operating in the region. This monthly tête-à-tête is geared towards tackling operating snags, and garnering re-investment support, as well as detecting conduits that can enhance the region’s business climate.

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